Remember to use SUV tires for your SUV

SUV All-weather tires

Tires for an SUVs tend to be of a bigger dimension. SUV tires are also specially designed for the weight of a SUV. They will have a higher load capacity than a passenger car tire. This relates to all different types of tires, so if you look for winter tires, then you will need SUV winter tires and for the summer season a set of SUV all-season tires. You might be able to use SUV all-weather tires if you want to use one set for the whole year. Of course, if you don’t really have any winter weather, you can use your all-season tires all year round.

The important thing is to use the correct tire for the season and make sure that you don’t use all-season tires in winter conditions. Despite the name sounding like they would be able to also handle winter conditions; they are not approved for it and they don’t have the tread pattern that can handle snow and ice nor the rubber compound to handle low temperatures. This can lead to dangerous situations, as you won’t have sufficient grip.

Premium SUV tires can improve the performance of your SUV. If you have a sporty SUV with a lot of power under the hood, you should get matching tires for it. Driving with tires that allow the SUV to be very responsive even at high speeds and will have a short braking distance in case you need to get your SUV to a halt.

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