How to Deal with Pedestrian Accidents

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It is definitely summertime. We see more people out in the streets, enjoying the warm weather, and just having a good time. Some even want to live healthier and have a cleaner lifestyle, which is why they choose to walk or ride a bike instead of using their car. However, walking may not always be the safest option. Each year, seventy thousand pedestrians obtain injuries while four thousand die in car accidents leading to more people asking for help from abogados de daños de personales Fullerton.

Drivers are legally responsible for the way they drive their vehicles, but usually, the actions of pedestrians have led to serious accidents. A good example for this would be our generation today. We are usually on our phones or electronic devices when we are out, so we tend to lose focus when we are crossing the street. Another cause of accidents is silent cars. Pedestrians can’t hear whether a car is coming or not, and this factor can be crucial, especially in residential areas, where there are a lot of stops and turns.

Dark clothes can play a factor in pedestrian accidents as well. Seventy percent of accidents happen at night, so if drivers can’t see whether there are people in a certain crossing, there’s a huge risk for accidents. Along with this, alcohol can be a crucial ingredient in nighttime accidents. Drivers usually have a lower sense of focus when they have had alcoholic drinks, especially when they drive in highways where there could be more people. These are some of the factors why more people in California need abogados de daños personales Laguna Beach.

How to Deal with Pedestrian Accidents