Maintaining Your Car During COVID-19 Quarantine

With quarantine in full effect, we haven’t been able to use our cars as much. Some drivers have stored their vehicles while some have driven them from time to time to buy groceries or other supplies. While our cars have not been used as much, we should still take care of them. Here are some tips to keep your car in great shape during this quarantine period.


Here are some ways you can keep your car in great condition during this quarantine.

  • About the Car Oil– Always make sure that you have enough oil because a lack of oil can damage your car’s engine. If you have not been using your car as much, then replace your used oil with fresh oil to avoid substances from damaging your engine.
  • About the Battery– Always make sure that your car’s battery is charged. Car batteries should have a substantial charge and correct cable connection for it to start. If a car is not used for a few weeks, disconnect the battery so there will be no electrical discharge.
  • About the Lights– Your car’s lights should always be fully functioning in accordance to traffic laws. This ensures safety, especially on dark roads. We use our lights to communicate with other drivers, so replace defective or burnt-out lights.
  • Start the Car Once a Week– Leaving our cars idle for an extended period of time can cause battery discharge. Another downside is that dust may accumulate and enter our engines and air filters. Start your car up at least once a week to ensure this doesn’t happen.
  • Keep Car Insurance Up to Date– The quarantine period does not necessarily mean we are safe from all dangers and accidents. Slippery roads or irresponsible drivers can still cause accidents so make sure to have comprehensive car insurance PH.


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