The Different Types of Motor Oils

If you want your truck to perform at its peak, then you must keep it well-maintained. Taking good care of your vehicle assures you that complications are less likely to happen, and your truck’s overall performance will be much smoother too. A huge part of maintenance is changing the truck’s fluids. Replacing the motor oil can help your truck perform smoother, which is why you should know what type of motor oil to choose.

Choosing the right type of motor oil depends on your engine. A diesel engine will need a different type of oil than a gasoline engine. The main difference between these two is zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate, an additive designed to reduce wear on the motor. Gasoline engines can be damaged with this additive, while diesel engines are built to deal with this.

So which type of oil should you choose? There are three main options when it comes to this decision. First of all, there is conventional oil, which is the cheapest and oldest kind. Brand new vehicles usually come with conventional engine oil by default. Second, you have the synthetic blend, which is basically a mix of conventional and synthetic oil. It is not at the level of fully synthetic oil, but it is affordable and provides better wear protection than conventional oil.

Lastly, you have the fully synthetic oil. Fully synthetic oil is 100% lab-made and designed for maximum efficiency. It increases your engine’s overall performance, and it can better protect the motor because it does not require a warmup time.

To learn more, here is an infographic by Pure Diesel Power, the company you can trust when it comes to diesel performance parts. Pure Diesel Power is a company that specializes in truck performance and offers products like diesel exhaust tip.

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