How to Select Your First Car

In the Philippines, the majority have experienced a daily dose of heavy traffic and riding in crowded public transportations. The commuting time has significantly increased over the past few years, proven to be such a hassle for workers and students alike.

Daily commuting can be financially draining and taxing. It involves securing transportation as any time of the day can be regarded as rush hour. Perhaps, they are one of the main reasons why Filipinos desire to have their car.

Among Filipinos, owning a car is a common impression as a status symbol. While it may be right for some people, having a vehicle is not just about wealth but its purpose for both personal and business matters.

The most apparent benefit of owning a car is the convenience and comfort it can provide. Unlike public transportations with fixed routes, you can enjoy the freedom of mobility and go wherever destination you want, even at a moment’s notice.

Buying a car for the first time, hold different excitement. However, it can be a lengthy and stressful process for first-time car buyers as there are several factors to consider when getting a car. Also, it is a big financial decision to make and requires a legal agreement.

Additionally, it would be best to have car insurance in the Philippines before you can drive it off a car dealership. It will protect you and your family from potential ruin in case unfortunate accidents, natural calamities, and theft occurs.

Today, there are many auto insurance companies to choose from, which can give you a hard time in choosing one. However, if you are inside the area of Manila, there is car insurance in Cubao, which might be near your place.

Your first car may be the first significant purchase you make. It is essential to know to choose a vehicle to avoid being in a stressful circumstance. To learn more, click this infographic from

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