How to Prepare Your Kids for a PCR Test

PCR Test

If you are considering taking your entire family for a Covid-19 PCR test, you need to prepare your kids properly for this test.  Since children are not like adults, you need to prepare them to undergo this medical procedure with ease. Even though testing for the novel coronavirus may be new, effective ways to prepare children for pain and distress-free medical procedures are not. As a matter of fact, scientists and health-care providers have been working at this for a very long time. The following are some of the ways to prepare your kids for easy COVID-19 testing.

Before you take your children for a PCR test, you can prepare them by sharing kid-friendly information. When kids or their parents are nervous about upcoming medical procedures, some parents tend to think that the less information they share with their kids the better, but the opposite is actually true. Kids have vivid imaginations that fill in the missing details, and sometimes imagining things can be much worse or scarier compare dot what they are in real life. If you share age-appropriate information about medical procedures with the kids early, you can help reduce their fears.

When it comes to COVID-19 testing, as a parent, you need to describe in detail what your kids can expect – almost like telling a story. Among the important details that you will need to share include where they will go, what they will see, who will be there, how long the procedure will take, what will happen as well as how it might feel. It is important to be honest with your kids about everything, stick to the facts, and use neutral language. For instance, when you are describing how the procedure might feel when the swab goes in, you can say something like, “Some children say that it feels weird like having fizzy water up their nose and hurts a little bit, but other kids say it doesn’t really bother them.”

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