A How-to Guide in Removing Your Old Window Tints [Infographic]

Window tints can be expensive, but they are not an investment that you will make every time.

These thin layers have a limited life expectancy. It all depends on the quality of their installation and how much sunlight they receive. Window tints can be reinstalled many times for one vehicle. It is not easy to remove all of them, even high quality window films in Chula Vista CA.

How to know when to replace window tints Tint replacement can be difficult when there is visible discoloration or bubbles. There is a high demand for window tinting in Chula Vista CA because of these tints that became popular thus, going to car shops for tints removal and reinstalment can take a longer time than expected. But know that it is easy to remove existing tints using simple tips.

  • One corner can be used to cut off a little bit of the film.
  • Take the film off slowly.
  • Apply soapy water to the windows
  • Let the mixture settle.
  • Scrape adhesives should not be left behind
  • Clean your windows.

If you want to learn more tips in removing old car window tints, read the infographic below from KEPLER Window Films and Coatings.

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