Motorcycle Crash Bars: What are They and are They Worth the Investment?

Many motorcyclists see their motorcycles as valuable belongings. This means that protecting their bicycles is critical. Nonetheless, various aftermarket devices are being touted as realistic alternatives for adequate motorcycle protection.

Numerous circumstances can result in a motorcycle colliding with the ground. Riders may lose control while slowly guiding the bike on or off the road. Alternatively, they may crash due to riding too fast or losing their balance because of ground impediments. Falls can also occur when parked in a parking lot. As a result, motorcycle owners seek a solution that will adequately protect their bikes and themselves. A set of crash bars is one aftermarket motorbike item they may explore.

What are Motorcycle Crash Bars?

A crash bar is a component of motorcycle safety equipment put on the frame or engine of the motorcycle. Crash bars are designed to protrude beyond the motorcycle. They serve as a barrier between the ground and the bike. There are crash bars for all types and models of motorcycles, including naked, adventure, and sports bikes. Bars are made from mild or stainless steel and usually come in sizes of 22mm or 27mm.

If you want to purchase one, you should look for a crash bar made for a specific motorcycle model rather than one that claims to be a “one size fits all.” Numerous manufacturers design their crash bars to be simple to install by motorbike owners. If the owner is unsure, they can contact their local dealer or workshop for installation assistance.

Advantages of buying motorcycle crash bars

In a simulation, SW-Motech, a motorcycle accessories manufacturer, demonstrated three particular areas where the bike would contact the ground if it fell: the handlebars, the crash bars, and the foot pegs.

Falling over might potentially cause considerable damage to the bike’s components. When you fall, the crash bars will hit the ground first, which will absorb most of the impact. This will help keep the bike’s important parts from being damaged. If you are racing down a beaten path or valleys at high speed, a b&b bash plate can protect your water pump, oil reservoir, motor, and transmission from debris, rocks, and rough roads.

Furthermore, puncturing a motorcycle’s petrol tank during a fall can be dangerous since it creates a fire hazard and safety issue for nearby residents. Crash bars can’t guarantee that fall won’t damage the gas tank, but they can significantly cut down on the chances of it getting punctured.

Nonetheless, motorcycle crash bars like SW motech frame sliders, can help reduce the danger of serious injury to the rider and protect them from being crushed beneath the bike during a fall.

Crash bars make it easier to pick up the motorcycle, which is advantageous in the event of an accident. If purchasing crash bars results in cost savings in the event of an accident, they may be worthwhile investments in the long run.

Motorcycle owners want to protect and maximize their investment. Similarly, they desire a safer ride on their bikes, and crash bars can assist them in both circumstances.

However, motorcycle owners must weigh various considerations before investing in aftermarket equipment. They must understand what crash bars are capable of and their limitations. In addition, they must choose high-quality products that work well and avoid low-cost alternatives that don’t meet their needs.


To learn more, here is an infographic from Motorrad Garage.


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