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If you live in California, you probably know about the traffic situation, especially in Los Angeles. More people have been buying cars leading to the roads becoming more congested and tough to drive in. Not only has the traffic slowed down our travel time, but the increasing amount of cars has also led to more […]
With quarantine in full effect, we haven’t been able to use our cars as much. Some drivers have stored their vehicles while some have driven them from time to time to buy groceries or other supplies. While our cars have not been used as much, we should still take care of them. Here are some […]
It is definitely summertime. We see more people out in the streets, enjoying the warm weather, and just having a good time. Some even want to live healthier and have a cleaner lifestyle, which is why they choose to walk or ride a bike instead of using their car. However, walking may not always be […]
Overheating may happen if your car exceeds its normal temperature. Usually, car engines run at a standard temperature of 195 to 220 degrees. If you want to maintain good fuel economy and proper emission control, you have to observe the correct temperature for your vehicle. A lot of reasons can lead to your car’s overheating. […]