If you live in California, you probably know about the traffic situation, especially in Los Angeles. More people have been buying cars leading to the roads becoming more congested and tough to drive in. Not only has the traffic slowed down our travel time, but the increasing amount of cars has also led to more […]
With quarantine in full effect, we haven’t been able to use our cars as much. Some drivers have stored their vehicles while some have driven them from time to time to buy groceries or other supplies. While our cars have not been used as much, we should still take care of them. Here are some […]
The reason tire size affects fuel economy is because tire size plays a role in rolling resistance which in turn has an effect on fuel economy. Rolling resistance is the combination of forces that work against the forward motion of your vehicle. The weight of the vehicle, gravity and inertia, the amount of friction between […]
Sateella ajaessasi tarvitset korkealaatuisia kesärenkaita. Renkaissa pitäisi olla hyvä märkäpito, joka löytyy EU-rengasmerkinnöistä ja joten voit vertailla sitä helposti eri renkaiden välillä. Jotkut renkaat mainostavat, että ne estävät erittäin hyvin vesiliirtoa ja että niillä on hyvät märkäominaisuudet.
Your summer tyres will need to be prepared for both wet and dry driving conditions. During the summers, the rain tends to be the conditions that create most challenges. That is if you don’t take into consideration any winter weathers that people are not properly prepared for. Heavy thunderstorms are known for causing many accidents, […]
It is definitely summertime. We see more people out in the streets, enjoying the warm weather, and just having a good time. Some even want to live healthier and have a cleaner lifestyle, which is why they choose to walk or ride a bike instead of using their car. However, walking may not always be […]
Tyre dimension of tyres is important and you will need to get this correct. Finding the recommended tyre dimension is easy as you can either look it up in the owner’s manual or then use an online tyre selector where you enter the information about car, model year and engine size and it will tell […]
En bil behöver kontinuerlig service, antingen gör du underhållet själv eller så låter du en verkstad göra det åt dig. För de flesta så är bara det sista alternativet det ända möjliga, då de flesta inte har den kunskap eller de verktyg som behövs. Även för de som är väldigt händiga, så bör den vanliga […]
It is important to consider the differences between hybrid or electric SUVs compared to regular combustion engine SUVs. Both hybrid and electric SUVs are unique in that they are heavier than traditional SUVs as they have battery packs. This means that grip and traction is even more important as the additional weight requires longer braking […]
En bil trenger kontinuerlig service, enten gjør du vedlikeholdet selv eller så har du et verksted gjort for deg. For de fleste er det bare det siste alternativet det eneste mulige alternativet, ettersom de fleste ikke har kunnskapen eller verktøyene som trengs. Selv for de som er veldig nyttige, bør den vanlige bilservicen utføres av […]