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When it comes to tire dimensions, you have alphanumeric code on the sidewall of the tire. You have 3 different measurements, the rim size, the depth of the tyre sidewall, this will be the total diameter of wheel and the tyre width. The depth of the tyre sidewall is measured as a percentage of the […]
The reason tire size affects fuel economy is because tire size plays a role in rolling resistance which in turn has an effect on fuel economy. Rolling resistance is the combination of forces that work against the forward motion of your vehicle. The weight of the vehicle, gravity and inertia, the amount of friction between […]
If you are in the market for a new car with a focus on the latest fuel-efficient technology, then you might wonder if you should invest in a hybrid or electric car. You should know that there are actually more similarities than differences between hybrid and electric cars. Both obviously, are more fuel efficient than […]
Tires for an SUVs tend to be of a bigger dimension. SUV tires are also specially designed for the weight of a SUV. They will have a higher load capacity than a passenger car tire. This relates to all different types of tires, so if you look for winter tires, then you will need SUV […]