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Since a lot of the people that buy an electric car of hybrid are environmentally concerned, they want to make sure that they drive with tyres that have low environmental impact. The tyres should be manufactured without dangerous chemicals and allow for maximum recyclability. When driving the tyres should contribute to the hybrid’s lower carbon […]
Your summer tyres will need to be prepared for both wet and dry driving conditions. During the summers, the rain tends to be the conditions that create most challenges. That is if you don’t take into consideration any winter weathers that people are not properly prepared for. Heavy thunderstorms are known for causing many accidents, […]
Tyre dimension of tyres is important and you will need to get this correct. Finding the recommended tyre dimension is easy as you can either look it up in the owner’s manual or then use an online tyre selector where you enter the information about car, model year and engine size and it will tell […]
New summer tyres are the most optimal tyres for the summer season and are better than winter tyres and all-weather tyres, then you have the. They perform better than what compromise tyres do when the sun when you have hot summer weather. All-weather tyres are designed to cope with a larger temperature range, while the summer tyres are […]
Tyre choices depend a lot on where you live and what conditions that you often drive in. If you have very clear seasons, where the winter are long and have proper winter conditions and you then have warm and hot summers you tend to be better off with changing tyres between the seasons. You do […]